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Best Songs for Your Kids

Entertaining Your Kids Is Not An Issue Anymore!

Entertainment and Kids:

Speaking of kids, we know that they are demanding. Always being needy of love, they irritate you to your limits but that is what kids are for. All they demand is a bit of attention and everything is fine. However, this is also to be understood that it is not an easy task entertaining the kids all the time.

So if you wish to give your kids more time you need to know that it would require a lot of entertaining stuff to keep them happy all the time. Youneed to do a lot more that than. You can take them to the cinemas and watch any movie with them. But, how many movies would you watch or take them to the cinemas for? How much is your limit to spend on that?

We have a better suggestion for you and that is to get them an iPod or a stereo, let them play all the songs they like. We can also suggest you a few good songs for kids that your kids would listening to. You all will be feeling dancing to the rhythms. So why don’t give yourself a treat too by saving hell lot of money?

Best Songs for the Kids in All Moods:

So we feel like talking a lot about how kids are and what they actually want while all they are doing is to annoy us. Anyhow, we would further discuss about what are the best songs for the kids out there so you can keep them entertained, happyand also in front of yourself.

1. Let It Go:

Let It Go is a famous song from the movie Frozen which was released back in 2013. The movie is about two princess sisters who were so close to each other. But later on they figure it out that the elder sister has some touch thing within her that she made everything around her out of ice.

This would include people too, so they in the palace decide to lock her up in a room and in the meantime, her sister has to grow up all on her own. But when the younger one gets old enough to understand things going on she tries her best to get sister out of this mess. When they succeed in this, they sing this song ‘Let It Go’ together.

The song was written by Kristen Anderson Lopez along with Robert Lopez. The song was written under the Universal Music Publishing Group and the singer was IdinaMenzel. Another famous song from the movie Frozen was ‘Snow Man’.

2. HakunaMatata:

HakunaMatata is the song from the movie Lion King. The movie was about the jungle world and the beauty of father and son relationship even within the forest’s wild life. It tells a lot about the values of the relationships and the way everyone lives in their chain of command inside the forest to spend their lives.

The song was released in 1995 with the release on the 32nd Disney Animated movie. It is a phrase from Swahili language and it is such a happy song explaining about not to be worrying about any troubles or problems.

The song was sung by Jimmy Cliff featuring Lebo M. Also the songs has been nominated for the best original song several times on different awards.

3.  I Like To Move It Move It:

The song “I Like To Move It Move It” was from the dates back in 1994 when the movie Madagascar was released. The song was sung by the wild animals from the forest of the island who are happy above living a life there. The song is actually very happy and would make your child dance to it.

The song is an American electronic duo sung by Reel 2 Real artists Erick Morillo along with the rap king The Mad Stuntman with his raga vocals. The song was released in January 1994 and was written by Erick Morillo accompanied by Mark Quashie. The song is all over a happy and dance and upbeat electronic one.

4. Baby Shark:

Baby Shark is one hell of a melodious and easily picky song all kids love. You must have listened to it before. It has got all that ‘do dododododo’ along with the jumpy kids theme. The song is not that new or even old. It was released in 2016 under the Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC.

The song was written by Shawnee Lamb featuring Robin Davies. The genre of the kids’ song ‘Baby Shark’ is obviously Children’s Music and it was sung by Pinkfong and the album was Pinkfong Animal Songs. They must have made songs on other animals too.

5.Fun, Fun, Fun:

The song Fun, Fun, Fun is from the children’s most favorite animated movie series ‘Despicable Me’. The song is about the minion kids asking for fun, they ask about going anywhere as long as it is fun. Demanding fun wherever they should be taken to.

The song was sung by Pharrell Williams under the label of Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and the writer was Williams Pharrell L. Another top hit song from the movie was ‘Happy’ and you must get your kids listening to the songs and dancing to all of them all happily.