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Best Upbeat Songs for Sports

So You Do Not Feel Low Or Discouraged Ever, Forever Motivated!


A sport is said to be a physical activity which involves any competition and a lot of physical excursion. Sports are more often referred to as ‘Games’ too and requires a lot of motivation, hard work and dedication to stay consistent. Also, sports determine the physical condition and stamina within the human body.

There are a number of sports which are being played nationwide and competed on the international level as well. The major heads under which all the games and sports are played are Olympics that is organized after every 4 to 5 years but almost every sport is competed from all over the world in the Olympics.

Some of the major sports being played and watched worldwide are these:

  1. Cricket
  2. Football
  3. Hockey
  4. Tennis
  5. Mixed Martial Arts
  6. Volleyball
  7. Polo
  8. Cycling

And many other sporty activities.

Sport Songs:

Sports are the extremely dedication seeking and muscular activity which causes physical excursion. To keep the players motivated and dedicated enough, there are different songs made to keep them upbeat and committed. Such songs are specially written in a way that they boost up the mood of the players by creating the feelings of longing to win within them.

There are plenty of songs being made one after the other for games wise and also they are depending from country to country. Let us discuss a few sporty songs which are made only to keep the spirit of sportsmanship alive.

Some of these songs are highly marketed throughout the era while they are being in the season for suppose the upbeat cricket songs are made, composed and played all over the television and radio platforms when there in world cup or ICC championship or BPL or PSL going on. Let us discuss the theme behind a few out of them here:

1. Waka Waka:

Waka Waka is a song although sung by Shakira but it explicitly favors Africa where she says this for a plenty of times that ‘This Time For Africa’. Actually the African football players are extremely talented and sporty, they are spread in almost every football club all over the Europe teams.

Waka Waka is actually an Africa based song which was released in 2010 at the time of Fifa World Cup Championship League. The song was sung by the ever gorgeous Shakira and another featured artist named Freshlyground.

Due to the pop genre of the song, it has been awarded multiple times with Billboard Music Awards and NRJ Music Awards for the best Latin song and the International song of the year respectively. The song album was Sale el Sol and have other songs made for the sports too. The song is such an upbeat patriarchal song that everyone all over the world has dances to its beats.

2. Hai Koi Hum Jesa:

Another sports oriented song by Strings from Pakistan is ‘Hai Koi Hum Jesa’. The song was created especially for the world cup days for the Pakistan’s Cricket Team. The Strings band composed the song by Bilal Maqsood and sung with patriotism by Faisal Rehman and other various artists.

The album was Dhaani and the song was released in 2003. The song video was also so patriotic with all green theme that it awakened the spirits of sportsmanship even within those who were just listening to it. Every Pakistani ever danced to the beats of this songs being crazy and was also called as the ‘World Cup Anthem for 2003’.

3. Dare:

The song named ‘Dare’ or most commonly named or searched as ‘La La La’ was another song sung by Shakira from the same album from where the Waka Waka came. From the album Sale el Sol, many other sports song came but this one was for the World Cup 2014 for football league which was held in Brazil.

The song focused on creating a challenging environment between the players and the different teams all over the Europe. The genre was pop so everyone could enjoy the competitive deal and the producers for the song were:

  1. J2
  2. Luke
  3. Shakira
  4. Billboard and
  5. Cirkut

4. Stand Up:

Stand Up For The Champions, For The Champions, did you get the nostalgia by me singing the song? Did it play in the background while you were reading it? I understand, it happens! What days, no? The song indeed from our childhood released back in 2002, which means it is going to be almost 2 decades old now. The song was also used by some of the National Football Team Leagues exclusively to support their players worldwide.

The singer or artist for the song ‘Champions’ or ‘Stand Up’ was Right Said Fred and the song was released under the label of Kingsize. The genre was pop or dance and it was recorded and filmed back in 2001 and the album name was also ‘Stand Up’. The writers who wrote the nostalgic masterpiece for all of us are:

  1. Richard Fairbrassaccompanied by
  2. Fred Fairbassfeaturing
  3. Rob Manzoli