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Songs and the Most Listened Genres Worldwide

Just So You Know The Origin And Types Of The Songs You Are Listening To!

Everyone out there is crazy about music and songs. It is a way of escape as usually people say that if you feel down or sad or depressed, so listen to some good music and it will sooth you, give you relief because it directly reaches to your soul and you feel peacefully better.

Well, people consider listening to songs while driving, while traveling by bus or some other means either for school, college or work or even to any other town or city if they are traveling for that long.

Have you ever considered why people run to their hands free or headsets while in solitude? Or why they play songs on loud speakers when they are happy? Or what gives them more, people or music?

It is very true that the generation today prefer music over people. The reason behind it is very basic that what they can’t say, they can say through music, what they cannot listen anyone saying they can easily guess that by music.

Also, what cannot be ignored directly, can be done with the help of good music and a pair of headsets. Music is a great way of going through nostalgia and elate and elevate the moods. But what do people listen to generally? They listen to songs of course, so let us discuss what they listen to and what is the type or the right genre for it.


Step 01: Writing a Song

Well, a piece of paper is taken, some line are written on it. The lines should match, the words should rhyme, the sense should make, and a meaning should be coming out. These are the few basics to be taken care of while writing a song. Once this is done and the song is written, it is still just some poem or a manuscript of writing.

Step 02: Designing a Melody

After that, once the writing part is done, select the instruments for the song’s melody. Start playing them, do the right setting, when to play what instrument and how to play them in which note and theme. The melody should be well suited, well going with the tone and purpose, should have highs and lows and should create some mood and ambiance on its own.

Step 03: Combine the Melody with Lyrics

Once the lyrics are done and the melody is done too. Slowly and steady start to playing both together. See if all matches up or not. See if the melody is going well with the lyrics, is the mood and environment being created? Practice it and replay it and listen to it as a common person, detect the glitches and faults, remake the tone where required and once all is set in it. That is when your song is ready.

Defining a Song:

So this was how a song is made normally, however, we would define it as:

“A few rhyming words, conveying a meaning, to be sung in human voice, when combines with a melody played on multiple instruments, with words and silence, high and low pitches, and stressing over some of it partially; this whole composition when combined and played will be known as a song.”

Major Types of Songs

Songs always come up with demand and also with the personal choice. The factor of choice cannot be changed or altered. However, people should know what they like and how should they have preferences on the basis of their personal choices. Considering history, there are two major types of songs which we will discuss here:

  1. Art Songs
  2. Folk Songs

1.Art Songs

Art songs are the ones properly sung with their melody and tune according to the theme which can be classical or any other. The songs have a set of instruments playing within it along with some artists signing or performing for it. These songs can be done solo as well. The roots of art songs are driven from the German origin who used different terms or word to distinguish the serious art songs from the lively folk songs.

2.Folk Songs

Folk songs are basically the unanimous ones. When the identity and origin of a song cannot be judged, this is then referred to a folk song. Usually the songs which are spread by word and orally by the ancients and have become more of a religious or cultural part, they are called the folk songs.

These songs do not belong to any producing company or any other individual, they are more like an entity of public domain. An art song can also be referred to as a folk song in case its origin is lost and people cannot trace its author or any other related link.


Genre is, as we consider, the most wrongly pronounced word in the world from history till day. However, the word is actually simple when it comes to its meaning.

Definition of Genre

The term ‘Genre’ is quite easy and it means ‘any category of literature’. Usually the word genre is used when we have to say for any category of the forms of art or entertainment or literature or any other form of content.

Genres are generally of the weather, music, movies or audio visuals based upon their stylistic criteria. Traditions change over time as per the new genres are formed. Thus, the use of old genres has been disconnected with the invention of the new genres.

Different Song or Music Genres Considered Globally

We discussed two major types of the music or songs genres. However, there are loads of other songs of various types and moods which are actually due to the song genre. There are as likely to be more than even 30 genres of songs composition being used all over the world in the era today and also from the history of song composition till day. Let’s discuss a few out of them briefly as we are going forward with our discussion:

1. Country

Country music is one of the soothing genre from the American music. Its origin is to be found in the dates back in 1920s. The music kind also often links with other genres, say Blues. But most of the times it is said to be the parent genre to other similar sounding genres.

The genre has also been called names like ‘western’ or ‘hillbilly’ but mostly it is linked to be like the American folk music. Some of the songs coming under the country music genre are:

  1. 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
  2. Amazed by Lonestar
  3. Beer Never Broke My Heart by Luke Combs

2. Pop

Pop music genre is so nature and upbeat that it had been used a lot since ages. The term “Pop” is also used in place of the term ‘Popular’an easy word for it so it is the nick name for the popular music. It has got the groove and some rocky rolly element in it too. Michael Jackson was said to be the father of pop music genre and indeed he was.

The roots for pop music are found from the America in early 1950s and 1960s, and is famous and liked by all till day. Electric guitars, drum and bass are the most likely to be used instruments in the songs from this genre. A few songs from pop genre are:

  1. Havana by Camila Cabelo
  2. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
  3. Bad Guy by Billie Eilish

3.  Dubstep

Another genre of the songs coming in link with the parent genre, electronic music, is the dubstep music and its musical songs. The composition is usually done from the electronic guitars and bass and are heavily upbeat.

It’s mostly linked with the electronic dance and the origins of the genre can be found in the dates from 1990s. The rhythm are composed to attract the heavy music lovers who happen to connect to the frequencies. Some of the major dubstep songs are:

  1. Stellamera Prituri Se Planinata by Deadmau5
  2. Quiet Storm by DJ Snake and Zomboy
  3. Dirty Laundry by Effin

4. Techno

Techno is another child genre from the electronic dance music genre. Its roots can be found from the dates back in 1980s. Usually this type of songs we all must have heard while in clubs or likely places. However, Detroit techno genre was the actual foundation of the genre.

With the introduction of technology, this music genre was emerged and also with the use and advancements of technology on daily basis, this genre is also being listened and liked more and more on daily basis. Some of the mail songs from this techno genre are:

  1. Cosmic Cars by Cybotron
  2. Go by Moby
  3. Data Point by Layton Giordani

5.  Rhythm and Blues

A dark theme for the songs where it’s more sadness and portraying the making great out of something which gave pain. Some of the industry artists including Rihanna, Usher and Beyoncé played a great part in creating the popularity for this songs and music genre.

The origin dates are found back in 1940s, this genre is also made by the collaborative taste from both American and African cultures. Some of the main nostalgic songs from rhythm and blues music genre are:

  1. Shop Around by The Miracles
  2. When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge
  3. Reach Out I’ll Be There by Four Tops

6. Rap

Rap music is another kind of songs genre in which the lead singer is said to be doing some vocal speech in a rhythmic way. Rap is usually done with less of musical composition but more like a beating tone or beat box type music in the background. The rhythmic speech is mostly about a topic or a story that the rapper is telling.

The content delivery is mostly done in a flow that it is loved the audience and it gives them a sense of relativity because of the content is about a story happening with almost everyone or about any social issue. Some major artists who laid the foundation of rap songs are Eminem, Will. I. Am, Drake, Lil Wayne and many other. Some famous and most liked songs are:

  1. Just the Way You Lie by Rihanna and Eminem
  2. In The Club by 50 Cent
  3. Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio
  4. Money in the Grave by Drake ft. Rick Ross

7. Sufi

There have been certain devotional people and mystics from the history who wrote different poems and manuscripts in order to connect to God in their own way. When there is music and songs been made by those manuscripts and those poetry being used in the song lyrics, this is known as Sufi songs Genre.

Use of light music instruments is done basically which are:

  1. Sitar,
  2. Tabla,
  3. Harmonium,
  4. Duff and others.

However, if there is electronic music instruments being used in the songs composition then it becomes Rock Sufi genre.

Some of our historical artists have laid the foundation of this music genre and the songs they made are extremely peaceful, pleading and soothing. The artists such as these are famous singing artists behind the name of Sufi and Mystic songs and the music genre:

  1. Abida Parveen,
  2. Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,
  3. Allan Faqeer,
  4. Sheikh Fareed Qadri,
  5. Sabri Brothers

The popular writing artists from the history are:

  1. Rumi,
  2. Amir Khusro,
  3. Shams Tabriz,
  4. Bulleh Shah and
  5. Khwaja Ghulam Farid

Some of the famous and major songs from the Sufi music genre are:

  1. Naman Behuda by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  2. Allah Allah Kar Bhaiya by Allan Faqeer and Muhammad Ali Sheiki
  3. Tere Ishq Nachaya (Supreme Ishq) by Sheikh Fareed Qadri
  4. Laal Meri Pat by Abida Parveen
  5. Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  6. Nami Danam Kuja Raftam by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan