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Most Listened Rap Songs All Over the World


Rap music is the music that consists of a rhythmic speech. It is basically a part of hip hop and rap music is also called the hip hop music. Theelements that are used in rap music aresampling beats and have rhythmic beat boxing. The components of rap music are in three parts content, flow and deliver. Rap is mostly performed in a time to an instrumental record. In rap the word is basically predates the music form and to describe something in a quick speech. Rap songs have a dark theme mostly with a sad background. However, in the new era of rap, informational songs are being created and also some happier theme is used now.

History of rap music:

Today rap music is the most popular music in the world. The word rap is an old word. In 1970’s rap songs is popular in America and get an official recorded and have to play on radio or television. In the 1980’s rap is being spread into the different countries. Hubert G. Brown can changetheirname to H. Rap Brown and his rap was famous. In 1970's the rap was deliver a stories over drum and have sparse instruments. In the Pakistanthe rap artist Fakhar-e-Alam released his first rap album called the rap up. This is the first rap song in Pakistan.DJ’s was the famous rap and popping up at every party shows and some companies can record there rap or play on television and radio or is basically considered rap music.

Best Rapper all of time:

There are many rappers in the world include some are the following:

  • Eminem:

Eminem was the famous American rapper, music producer and actor. Eminem sold 200 million records and he is the best rap artist all the time.

  • Lady Leshurr

Ladyleshurr is the British grim rapper. Her first maxtape was released at the age of fourteen.

  • Nas:

Nas is the famous American rapper. Hisalbum that isreleased was the most famous and the best all the time.

  • Bohemia:

Bohemia is the famous Pakistani American rapper. Bohemia the famous Punjabi rapper in the world and there Punjabirap was the best rap.No one can be the better in Punjabi rapping. Bohemia launched his own music label Kali Denali Music

Ice cube:

Ice cube is the most popular rapper of America. He can build a successful career in the film industry and music’s.


Rakim was also the American famous rapper. He was born on January 28.

Kendrick Lamar:

Kendrick Lamar is the popular American rapper and also the song writer.


Best rap songs all the time:

Following are the best rap songs in the world:


Puranawala song is the famous song of bohemia in which bohemia can be remember their pervious rap and say his rap was the famous and cam be play on television. In which he describe about theirprevious rap and say that rap is still running.Hesays now a day’s boy makes noise in the name of hip hop music. Hesays my old rap is still new as the latest rap and now daysI don't need to make any new rap.


Ajkalzamanajali song is the famous son of bohemia in which he will describe about the world. He will describe about the people and say about that people is Fake. Everyone is Fake in today’s world. No one can take care about others. In this song he will say that everything is fake nowadays like hope is fake, love is fake.


Umeed song is the best song of bohemia. In this song he will say about their destining.he was realesd his new poetry music that are called umeed . The song umeed the bohemia is to the back story.

Middle child:

In the middle child rap J.cole can be consider himself as a middle child. In which he has accepted the reality and have mention some of the famous in the bolth old and new school. For example, the primary section begins off with him expressing that he doesn't utilize hard medications, despite the fact that the use of such has turned into a backbone in contemporary rap music.


The song mirror is an old rap song sung by Lil Wayne along with featured lyrics from Bruno Mars. The collaboration was so sad yet amazing. People who were facing depression and hard times loved the composition and became addicted to the idea of awakening the self. The artists in the song are trying to awaken your inner self who would move on and do all the good for your own self.

The song was released back in 2011 which make it about 8 years ago under the labels of:

  • Cash Money
  • Young Money and
  • Universal Republic.

The song was produces exclusively by the REO of the Soundkillers along with The Smeezingtons. The song album was The Crater 4 and it hit boom soon as it was launched. The idea and the theme of the song was so dark that every heartbroken individual loved it.