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Music Platforms

Music platform is the online music listening apps or tools which people use to listen to music whenever they are in the mood of listening to music. These platforms provide music of each type. It can be either romantic, hip hop, sad music etc. There is a huge rise in the music industry in today's age. Listeners are now avoiding to download music from different sites instead they are now switching to online streaming of music. These online platforms have a huge music library in which each type of song can be searched out and can be listened without any hurdle. Each song has mentioned the name of its artist. You can even upload and share music from these platforms.

Top Music Platforms:

Here is the top music platform which is widely used all across the world:

  1. Spotify:

Spotify has become the best digital music platform. It is now declared as the king of online music streaming. The extensive library of songs from all big artists has made Spotify more attractive. You can have a direct connection with your fans on Spotify, fans get to know about your new releases, can get to know about your playlist and can buy your recordings as well.

Spotify has almost 20 million options of song listening. It is the most famous online song listening platform. The streaming quality of Spotify is 320 kbps. You can access to Spotify from all major platforms such as Windows, Blackberry, IOS and Android. Spotify gives you the facility to create playlist and can listen to artists, bands and albums. You will get a good listening experience from Spotify.

  1. Google Play:

Google Play is one of the most used music platforms. Unlike Spotify, it does not only enables to access only to available streaming but also to the entire music list. It is the service which is provided by the world's most powerful company Google. It is the wisest choice for upcoming artists. If they want to sell their music or to release it freely or have recorded or had studio tracks or demos for them google play is the best choice. It let you connect with your fans. If you want to sell your music Google Play will tell you market price. It only applies a 30% commission on each sale.

  1. Sound Cloud:

Sound cloud is one of the most famous music streaming platforms. The sound cloud allows you to upload your music as well instead of listening to someone else's music. It has an extensive music library and it provides free streaming of the music to enjoy music from all top artists of the world. You can have access to unlimited playlists. The best thing about Sound Cloud is that it is free for fans and artists. It is free to upload your music, free to register, free to advertise your music as well.

  1. Apple Music:

Apple Music came into the market in 2005. Soon it became famous and called one of the best music streaming platforms. It is mostly known for combining music libraries with its own iTunes. In inclusion to it also provides 24 hours live radio streaming to its users. Apple Music gives u a wide range of music and exclusive interviews of the artist's whole day long. It allows artists to interact with fans and audience. By Apple Music, you can share music, photographs, lyrics and other such content. It provides real-time communication with artists and fans. It is one of the favourite platforms of I phone users.

  1. Tidal:

Tidal gives superior quality playback music and wide range of music. It has not a huge range as Apple Music and Spotify provides. If you want to get famous quickly than Tidal is one of the best platforms for upcoming artists. It gives importance to upcoming artists through Tidal Rising. Tidal Rising selects one of the best artists every week and gives chance to them to get exposure and to get famous. To interact with your fans you can add them to your Tidal profile. It is considered as a good music platform.

  1. Pandora:

You can get around 1 million options in Pandora. Pandora is the best option for those who want to enjoy free streaming of radio. It provides around 100 radio stations. It provides quality of 192 kbps. It is best for users who want personalized things. It is the best platform for radio advertisements it saves money from spending to advertise on radio stations. People have really good experience of using this.

  1. Xbox:

Xbox is an audio and video streaming platform. Microsoft has the most expensive catalogue with about 30 million tracks on it. It provides free streaming of music and radio. It also has artist based radio stations. Ideal users of this service are those who are having Microsoft Window devices. It is considered as the favourite platform of listening to the music of many users.

  1. My Space:

My Space was considered as the social networking site. It was re-launched as the free video and music streaming platform. Now millions of user use it to listen to their favourite music and watch their favourite videos on this platform.