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What is Pop Music?

Here  is yet another type of amazing and delight music that you will live to listen every day. Pop music is one of these music melodies that have received a lot of success over the past few decades. Moreover, one hit track of the pop music earns its creator millions of dollars by selling the music copies. In the list of top rated music, every years there are numerous pop music tracks that make their way into the market and appreciated by large number of folks all around the world. So in order to receive a lot of success the particular track need to be roled out as a single.

Most of the pop music tunes that receives success depicts some specific features that can be regarded as formula of pop music. Most of the times when you listen to a pop music, you might observe that they are being categorized as a good structured, good rhythm and eye popping melodies over the internet. Most of the time you might have observed that the duration of a particular pop music remain between two to five minute long. Moreover, the verses are repeated again and again multiple times.

 Similarly, you might have observed that the lyrics are mostly about the relationships. With that said, I mean lyrics are more close to the problems and joys that can be occurred in particular relation or love. And, you might have observed that pop music is mostly created by a group of male artists, who are always devoted to create luxurious feeling in particular track. But those developed by the female artists is amazing to see. So, you might have heard about the most popular pop singers of all time including the great Justin Bieber and Madonna. These are the top rated singers that have delivered the quality content and music tracks for more than one decade.

Well it is obvious that not all singles are being developed by pop artists. Numerous popular music tracks are also developed by various other types of music. Some of the popular country music singers including the great Taylor swift and the carrie Underwood along with the most famous rock groups including the Radiohead and Foo Fighters. Here is the list of some other popular music artists whom you love to listen every time. Some of the folk music artists are:

  • Bob Dylan
  • Mumfor and sons

While some of the well know songwriters are as follows:

  • Elton John
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Last but not least the contemporary R&B

The amazing and delicate soul music artists includes

  • Beyonce
  • Adele

Moreover, the dance music artists are categorized as follows:

  • Daft Punk and
  • Skrillex

Here you are going to look at the hip hop artists  as well as rappers:

  • Kanye West and
  • Eminem

All of the above mentioned artists have the ability to write super hit songs with perfect melodical phrases that are interesting to listen. Similarly, these phrases gives you more luxurious feel while listings and provides the best listening experience according to your expectations. And most of the pop music tracks encompass the great pop music formula. But the elements in that particular track are their own production.  And most of the above mentioned artists constitutes unique writing style. Their unique style just demonstrate the way how they do work.

We have mentioned above some of the most popular artists that have transformed the internet with their beautiful voices that can make you life colorful. So here we are going to introduce some of above mentioned artists, that can play an important role making internet a place of joy for you.


  • One Direction

 A very renowned English singer that has amazed his audience with beautiful melodies. He is multi talented boy, who has the abitlity to entertains his audience with his song and dance moves.  Most of the hit songs are being written by this irish pop boy.

  • Katy Perry

 Katy Perry is a well known American singer that has transformed the lives her beautiful melodies.  She has been considered as one of the best female dance pop artist, who has delivered amazing tunes so far.

  • Beyonce

Beyonce ranks in one of the popular American singer. This R&B singer has been determined to deliver delightful songs to her audience. She started her career as a R&B girl and joined a group for professional training and appearance.

  • Taylor Swift

One of the most loved music artist form America. She belongs to the family of those greatest pop singer songwriter, who has started her career music as country artist. She has transformed the internet with delightful and amazing melodical phrases.

  • Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake  is yet another master class singer from America. This artist is actually a multitalented artist, who have worked as both pop and R&B singer. Justin Timberlake began with a most popular band NSYNC.

  • Iggy Azalea

Here is yet another Australian rapper. She is being one of free style hip hop pop singer. The singer has moved to the US and played an important role in revamping the music industry with perfect music melodies.